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Brighter Bridges Medford Oregon Mural.jpg
Jite Mural_edited.jpg

TAPESTRY Project Seattle, WA

Collab project with Artist Jite Agbro’s designs of Ade Conerre “FUTURE PROJECT” and Riz Rollins “BELIEVE” the first of 10 integrated art installations celebrating the multi-cultural history of the Central Area for the TAPESTRY project at the corner of 12th & Yesler in Seattle, WA.  Mural was installed by artists John Osgood and Zach Bohnenkamp.

European Autotech
San Ramon, CA

Working with the GM of European Autotech, the mural blends Porsche history, racing culture and essence of San Ramon seamlessly into the design while giving the Industrial Park a vibrant and lively street vibe. Mural was designed and installed by John Osgood.

European Autotech Mural_Final-web.jpg
Flowing Like the River_mural final_edite

Community Murals Sacramento, CA

The elements of the Folsom Boulevard mural design were taken from multiple meetings where community stakeholders and residents shared their passion and history of the area which allowed our team to create a design that connects the past to contemporary times and weaves the diversity of local residents, iconic places, history and nostalgic memories into a pictorial tapestry. Artist Team: John Osgood, Sharon Norton, Jolene Russell & Annie Zhang.

Griffis South Waterfront
Portland, OR

Griffis South Waterfront Apartments commissioned this mural to brighten up an area of their residents recycling and trash area. The mural incorporates iconic Portland icons including Mt. Hood, the state bird and roses, for "Rose City". Mural was installed by artists John Osgood and Zach Bohnenkamp.

Griffis South Waterfront Mural_Final_10x54.jpg
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