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Bherd Art & Mural Consulting

From Canvas to Wall: Your Artistic Journey Starts Here

Whether you're an aspiring muralist or an experienced artist looking to expand your skills, we offer consulting and coaching based on over 14 years of

mural painting experience.


At Bherd, we're not only experts in creating stunning interior and exterior murals for the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, but we're also passionate about coaching and teaching. With our background working with cities, chambers, neighborhood organizations, residential clients, corporate & small businesses across the West Coast from Alaska to California, we have a wealth of technical skills and marketing & business knowledge to share. 

News & Resources

Mural Pricing

Why Transparency Is Important

Don't Undervalue Your Work & Get Paid a Fair Wage

Artist Agreements

Get On The Same Page As Your Clients

Protecting your work & your reputation.

Art Collabs

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Kick the Scarcity Mentality & Leverage Collaboration

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