POW: “Bear 3″ by Justin Kane Elder

60″ x 60″

This week’s piece is Justin Kane Elder’s Bear 3. Interested in the intimacy of portraits, he deconstructs and reassembles them into geometric likenesses.This process of abstraction becomes evidence of his study as he scrutinizes color, form, and his emotional attachment to his subjects.

Artist Bio:
Justin Kane Elder is a Seattle based artist. He studied at Cornish College of the Arts, earning a BFA in 2002 with an emphasis on painting and sculpture. He is one member of the artist group Electric Coffin. His work is shown in Seattle and various cities along the West Coast as well as internationally.



POW: “Lounge Act” by Debbie Bianchi

This week’s piece is Lounge Act by Debbie Bianchi. Using acrylic, paper, charcoal, and pastel, she creates fantastical vignettes. The golden hour atmosphere is highlighted by the bird and its miniature beach ball evoking ideas about play, magic, and beauty surrounding the everyday.

Artist Bio:
West Seattle artist, Debbie Bianchi’s early work with vintage clothes and textiles has evolved into a technique of layering dimensional objects into low-relief pieces that straddle trompe-l’oeil painting and assemblages. Her current series which includes “The Aerialist” has a feel that is reminiscent of a midsummer evening, light orbs and twilight magic. Her other paintings evoke a sense of freedom with the continued theme of birds, some of which are whimsical making the common uncommon,drawing the viewer in to the artist’s etherial world.


POW: “Illusionist” by Naoko Morisawa

Screen shot 2014-07-01 at 6.48.41 PM
Wood Mosaics, 2011

This week’s piece is Naoko Morisawa’s Illusionist. She works in wood mosaic often depicting mysterious creatures and illusions. Through using small dyed pieces of wood she injects a dynamic energy into her work translating the wood’s life and spirit into everyday yet magical imagery, reflecting all the little pieces that make up our own lives.

Artist Bio:
Naoko Morisawa has exhibited her art at SAM Gallery, ArtXchange gallery, Northwind Art Center Gallery, Nordstrom Corporate Gallery, Lynnwood Convention Center, FCA Gallery Vancouver-BC, The Contemporary Arts Center, Las Vegas, General Electric Cultural Gallery, and Whatcom Museum in Bellingham.

Before moving into the US, she taught art at Yokohama and Tokyo community centre and Canadian Embassy etc, as well as being a freelance illustrator. She had worked at a Trading Company in Tokyo, Japan where she worked for package designs for Godiva Chocolate, and Twining Tea Company. Winners London Creative Competition 2013 by International Awards Inc, New York/London.

POW: “Adorned” by Sandi Bransford

15″ x 12″ x 11″
Ceramic, Acrylic, Wax

This week’s piece is Sandi Bransford’s Adorned. She works in mixed media including ceramic, found objects, acrylic, oil, ink, and pencil searching for the transformative potential found within destruction. In this piece, she collects and encrusts a myriad of symbols upon a dress. Harnessing the power and history of its wearer, it becomes an exquisite armor telling fantastical stories fraught with danger and beauty.

Artist Bio:
Sandi Bransford has been shown throughout Washington and has studied with Arnie Zimmerman, Sunkoo Yu, and Doug Jeck. She lives and works in Bothell, Washington.

POW: “Cyclone” by Miguel Edwards


This week’s piece is Miguel Edwards’ Cyclone. He manipulates steel into life sized sculptures to investigate shifting points in perception. His process is intuitive as his interests in time and chaos reveal a desire to share an experience with the viewer.

Artist Bio:
Miguel Edwards is sculptor, photographer, and installation artist. He is the Vice President at Seattle’s CoCA, collaborates on projects across a range of media, and has been shown nationally.

POW: “Pygmy Yeti 5″ by Coco Howard

Screen shot 2014-06-05 at 2.11.34 PM

This week’s piece is “Pygmy Yeti 5″ by Coco Howard. Her soft sculptures reveal a world of characters who are charmingly eerie. This Pygmy Yeti’s powerful gaze makes you almost hesitate approaching his wild yet inanimate figure.

Artist Bio:
Coco Howard started Softlife in 2007 as an umbrella company for her various artistic endeavors. Under the moniker Softlife, she makes plush creatures, engages in amateur photography, creates needle felted wall hangings, sculptures, and installations, and teaches creature-making classes at various elementary and middle schools in Seattle.
Coco currently resides in Seattle, WA with her three children and husband, Spencer Moody, all of whom are devoted whole hog to fighting the soft fight each and every day.

POW: “Oracle” by Daniel Voelker


This week’s piece is Daniel Voelker’s Oracle. His work consists of layered collections of sliced charcoal drawings reassembled into complex black and white collages. We particularly love the Oracle for speaking to the ambiguous and prophetical nature of his process and the images which emerge from it.

Artist Bio:
Daniel Voelker fell in love with abstract art during his undergraduate years at the University of Washington School of Fine Arts, and turned from studying graphic design to working in paint, charcoal and collage. 2012 saw him throwing energy and attention into learning his fundamentals at the Gage Academy of Art, in Mark Kang-O’Higgins’ Atalier. Now in his late thirties, Voelker has the goal of being a full-time artist in his sights.
(Bio excerpt from WEAVE)

POW: “Ode to Joy” by Deborah Scott


This week’s piece is Deborah Scott’s Ode to Joy. As a storyteller she explores and incorporates elements of fairy tales, mythology, tarot, and contemporary iconography. The figures in her work are complete with corresponding symbols of who they are and could represent. The sunny palette and burst of confetti accompanying this exuberant character creates an allegory perfect for summer.

Artist Bio:
Deborah Scott is a graduate of the Drawing and Painting Atelier at Gage Academy of Art. Prior to her art career, she worked in global brand marketing with familiar brands including Cheerios, Betty Crocker, and Amazon.com. In this role she became fascinated with the power of Jungian archetypes, works by Joseph Campbell, and iconography. Developing her understanding and expression of figurative archetypes is the cornerstone of her work.

POW: “The Hiker” by Stephen Rock

The Hiker
58″h x 21″w x 6″d

This week’s piece is The Hiker by Stephen Rock. He works in reclaimed materials, digital works, and paintings. In this series of reclaimed works he takes discarded objects and pieces them together into hanging sculptures. The character behind each segment is unique as it holds the untold significance of the previous owner’s daily life. These sculptures become puzzles of history revealing a question about the future and serve as a commentary on modern life. 

Artist Bio:
Stephen Rock has been showing original artwork in a variety of mediums for 30 years with his most recent work using reclaimed materials on large and small scales. He has received regional and national recognition and awards for his artwork and has work in many private and public collections such as the City of Seattle Portable Works, Swedish Hospital Corporate Collection and the White House Christmas ornament collection among others. He currently owns Rock’s Studio, a Fine Art Digital Printmaking studio in West Seattle and prints for artists around the region. He also runs Rock | DeMent visual art space with his life partner, photographic based artist, Nichole DeMent. His most recent works are installations at SAM Gallery in Seattle, Foster White Gallery in Seattle’s Pioneer Square District and at Cal Anderson Park for MadArt in the Park, where he teamed up with the Rock Bros. to produce large site specific works.


POW: “The Curators” by Braden Duncan

“The Curators” – 2013, 16″ x 20″ Watercolour

This week’s piece is Braden Duncan‘s The Curators. She creates combinations of animals, mostly birds, with mechanical apparatuses in an effort to explore where the biological meets the artificial. In the Mechanical Aviary series, her subjects seem to be on a search, whether it be for time, keyholes, or answers. We find The Curators humorous as the two flamingos search for their next big idea.

Artist Bio:
I am a portrait artist by trade, imperfect by choice, and a cog in the machine of human mythology by default. I draw my inspiration from the peculiar minutiae of the human form, symbolism and mythology, the empty spaces left by missing friends, and the intricate elegance created by the convergence of biological and mechanical elements. An alumnus of Cornish College of the Arts, I live in Seattle, Washington with my chosen family and the animals of the Mongrel Circus.