Face Off: Seattle Erotic Art Festival

Thursday, April 23rd at 9pm
Seattle Erotic Art Festival Opening

Artist will be battling artist in the first edition of “Face Off” presented by Bherd Studios! Artists will have 15 minutes to create work in each battle. Winner of each match will be determined by who generated the most for their piece in the live auction which happens after each match. Featuring Seattle artists: Alan Fulle vs Seb Barnett in the Nude Model Round; Michelle Anderst vs Zachary Bohnenkamp in the “Lady Parts” Round; Sensei 23 vs Adam Valmossoi in the “Still Life with Sex Toys” Round and Braden Duncan vs John Osgood in the “Fetish Wild Card” round.

Sur | Real

Jeff Mihalyo & Kellie Talbot

Thursday, May 7th from 6-9pm
AXIS | Pioneer Square
308 1st Ave S Seattle, WA 98104


Surrealist Jeff Mihalyo and photorealist Kellie Talbot are here to mess with your reality. One plumbs the depths of his imagination, dredging up dreamscapes and exotic scenes where every floating fish is a symbol, and every color is a crescendo. The other sticks strictly to reality, where she plunks us down onto the tarmac of some quiet American highway in paintings that make us focus on the tools, signs, buildings and materials that are wrought and forgot. And Bherd Studios has brought these two classical painters together—in the same room—this May at AXIS Gallery. (Your head may never be the same.)

Kellie Talbot brings the smell of gas and the tang of rust to the room in her large oils on canvas that depict the peeling paint, neon tubes and flickering bulbs of the American dream. Staking out old signs, derelict factories, and rust belt beauty, she lovingly recreates their every detail, honoring and preserving them in paintings that are both portraits and memento mori. For this exhibit, Talbot focuses on signs and scenes from her recent New Orleans artist residency, and debuts a brand new series of still lifes. The new series is a personal challenge to limit her palette to only four primary colors. Humble tools and everyday detritus from the back of the garage are set against the elegant black drapery of classic still life paintings, becoming objects of veneration.

Jeff Mihalyo invites us to dive into his subconscious with a dizzying array of sculpture and paintings, in candy colors so sweet they’ll make your teeth hurt. Mihalyo’s large-scale oils on canvas are doors into drowned cities and jeweled forests, places where buildings can be killed or lofted into the sky on a kite string. His luminous colors are achieved by the old-school technique of building the thinnest and more translucent of layers, allowing light to travel all the way down to the canvas and reflect back, making each work seem almost crystalline in its intensity. Mihalyo also presents his ongoing cast-egg paintings: little conical bullseyes made of layers of paint, made by carefully filling egg-shells with everything from discarded acrylic or Latex™ house paint. Mihalyo will also be presenting a video that he and his collaborator, Marcus Donner created by taking old home-movies and animations Mihalyo created as a kid, projecting them onto his beard and setting it to music.

POW: “Muhollnd Dr.” by Cheryl Molnar

cherylmolnar48″ x 96″, oil, paper on wood panel

This week’s piece is Cheryl Molnar’s Mulhollnd Dr. She depicts reimagined landscapes by collaging strips of oil-stained paper onto carved birch panels. Her layered process reflects on the transition and permanence of housing developments, strip malls, industrial parks, and the nature of the original site.

Cheryl Molnar is an artist based in Brooklyn, New York, where she has lived and worked for the past thirteen years. Cheryl received a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA from Pratt Institute. Her work has been exhibited across the U.S. including at Smack Mellon in New York, The University of Arizona and The Islip Art Museum on Long Island. Cheryl is currently participating in the winter workspace program at Wave Hill in Riverdale, NY and has held residencies at Smack Mellon, Weir Farm Art Center in Wilton, CT and Cooper Union.

POW: “Makeshift Friends for the Lonely” by Joe Vollan

image1 (1)
10″ x 8″ Mixed Media

This week’s piece is Joe Vollan’s “Makeshift Friends for the Lonely”. He creates dynamic narratives by combining the eerie and strange with the friendly and earnest. His characters remain optimistic despite their decrepit post-apocalyptic world, and offer the viewer hope.

Artist Bio:
Joe Vollan is based in Seattle and has shown up and down the west coast in galleries such as Roq la Rue, Flatcolor, Upper Playground, Copro Nason, and as far around the world as Tokyo.

POW: “The Hermit” by Siolo Thompson

This week’s piece is The Hermit by Siolo Thompson. It is one of 78 illustrations that are a part of her Linestrider Tarot Project where she combines her contemporary vision and style with a classic divination system. This series, like much of her work, holds a magical quality, and alludes to childhood as she explores freedom, happiness, and a sense of authenticity.


Siolo Thompson is a self taught visual artist who lives and works in Seattle, WA. She uses multiple mediums and techniques in her work with a focus on draftsmanship and narrative development.   A background in Comparative Literature aids Thompson in her quest to translate complex ideas, stories and emotions into the language of visual art. Thompson falls most neatly into the category of figurative realism though her work often dallies at the edges of other disciplines including comic art and animation.

Drop by Drop

Opening Reception:  Fri, Nov 14th from 6-9:30pm
Closing Celebration:
Fri, Dec 12th from 6-9:30pm

An Epic Group Show featuring a bevy of PNW urban and contemporary artists who have exhibited with us over the years. While the show is unthemed, the artists invited are the inspiration and include: Michelle Anderst, Curtis Ashby, Debbie Bianchi, Zach Bohnenkamp, Greg Boudreau, Jenn Brisson, Jenny Dayton, Nichole DeMent, Braden Duncan, Miguel Edwards, Ego, Marty Gordon, Jeremy Gregory, Troy Gua, Aaron Jasinki, Lucien Knuteson, Larkin, Ryan Molenkamp, Ninjagrl, Chris Olson, Kate Protage, Sensei 23, Chris Sheridan, Megon Shore, Solace, Kellie Talbot, Siolo Thompson, Dan Voelker, Joe Vollan and Brian White.

We cannot tell the precise moment when friendship is formed. As in filling a vessel drop by drop, there is at last a drop which makes it run over; so in a series of kindnesses there is at last one which makes the heart run over.
– Ray Bradbury


POW: “Something Seems Different” by Larkin

This week’s piece is “Something Seems Different” by Larkin. He is interested in the surreal, dark, and baroque, and frequently depicts a variety of creatures that toe the line between horror and whimsy.

Larkin works in mixed media, combining drawing and painting with sculptural inclusions, found objects, and fiber.  His paintings in 2-dimensions are complemented by the borders and organic mazes of crocheted fibers worked around or into the surface of each piece.

POW: “Ascension 5” by Mary T. Enslow


This week’s piece is “Ascension 5” by Mary T. Enslow. In this body of work she focuses on the female form and psyche. She confronts the viewer to think on ideas of oppression, absolution, sensuality, joy, and fear.

Mary T. Enslow earned a BFA in Sculpture from the University of Washington in 2003 with a focus in metal casting. She has co-founded Twilight Artist Collective in Pike Place Market and in West Seattle. She has been a founding member of various Seattle art groups including: The United Artists of Georgetown and the Art Walk Consortium; a part of several artist productions including, Bumbershoot,, Artopia, and Carnival. She currently owns and operates the Royal Mansion Gallery in the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall in addition to her art-making.


POW: “Far Reaches” by Jesse Link


This week’s piece is Jesse Link’s Far Reaches. He paints symbolic creatures into open narratives and uses his creative practice as a way to imbue positivity into the world. Look for the silver linings in this piece.

Jesse Link was born and raised in an small steel town outside of Pittsburgh P.A.. He graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a degree in Industrial Design and studied graphic design at West Liberty University. Jesse also fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom and spent a couple years in New Orleans helping the Post Katrina re-construction effort. in 2007 he moved to Seattle and began pursuing Visual Art as a career. In 2010 Jesse decided to become a full time artist. Since that time he has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in galleries in Seattle and California, has been awarded two public projects from the Seattle office of Arts and culture, has been invited to participate in many juried art festivals including the Bellevue Festival of the Arts. Jesse has also done commission work for Target and Apptio.

POW: “The Listener” by Amy Huddleston

14″ x 11″

This week’s piece is “The Listener” by Amy Huddleston. She paints portraits, figures, still life, and scenes of nature. She is interested in the imperfect quality of our perceptions and explores the inaccuracies and ideas surrounding realism.

Huddleston studied Art at the University of Montana from 1982 to 1983 and was discouraged by her professors, in regard to focusing on realism. She dropped out and moved to Seattle in 1984 to study at the Art Institute of Seattle, where she was introduced to the work of Vuillard and Bonnard via William Cumming. Though she was still encouraged to avoid realism, she was taught the importance of design, and how color relationships worked in painting. Huddleston left AIS to focus on painting.