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John Osgood

I paint idiosyncratic characters with a bold palette in an urban contemporary art style mainly utilizing the mediums of acrylic and aerosol. I’m a people watcher and I enjoy spending time following the emotions that flicker throughout a person’s face … Continue reading


Kellie Talbot

Kellie Talbot was born in Hawaii and as a daughter of a career Marine lived on both coasts growing up. Her first jobs, in a print shop and as a sign painter, developed her love of typography and design. Kellie … Continue reading


Troy Gua

Troy Gua was born and raised in Seatac, Washington. He’s a libra. Troy consistently produces accessible and engaging conceptual work in a wide range of media, marrying the commercial and contemporary, conveying a glossy design aesthetic with a keen sense … Continue reading


Joe Vollan

About the Artist: Seattle artist Joe Vollan has a distinct and eerie style.  His works describe tales of heartache and adventure.  The bulk of his paintings take place in the city of Rusted Gallows, a post apocalyptic, rundown factory town … Continue reading

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Megon Shore

About the Artist: Megon has always been artistic. She went to art school at Emily Carr in Vancouver, BC, for a year and then came back to Seattle. She not only paints, but also is a tatooist at Fist Full … Continue reading



About the artist: sol·ace [ sóll ss ] 1. relief from emotional distress: comfort at a time of sadness, grief, or disappointment 2. source of comfort: somebody or something that provides comfort at a time of sadness, grief, or disappointment … Continue reading


Kate Protage

About the artist: I’m a wanderer. Growing up, my family and I lived in more than 18 different places of suburban sprawl. As an adult, I shifted toward more urban environments, but I’ve continued the same pattern of movement. Despite … Continue reading

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Crystal Barbre

A recent series of paintings that Barbre worked on is called ‘Magnetisme Animal’. These paintings feature powerful, female figures with various animal heads in sexual poses and activities. Some of the paintings, like the large one on the canvas in … Continue reading


Chris Sheridan

About the artist: Chris Sheridan is an award-winning figurative oil painter based in Seattle, WA. Born and raised in Cape Cod, MA, Chris has spent several of his adult years changing addresses and showing his work both nationally and internationally, … Continue reading


Aaron Jasinski

About the artist: Aaron Jasinski’s paintings have shown across the US, and internationally. He also illustrates children’s books, album covers, and creates electronic music. Aaron grew up in in a family of musicians and the love of music is a major … Continue reading



About the artist: Ego is a Seattle based artist with a flair for slightly dark, whimsical creepiness, influenced by the macabre sides of tattoo culture, street art, and underground fine art. His work has been featured in galleries around the … Continue reading


Jenny Dayton

About the artist: “At the far end of Jenny Dayton’s studio, next to a curtained window a young, dark haired woman with an intense gaze peers out of a painting. She is embraced by a mythic creature, a white and … Continue reading

Molenkamp_Cut Up Place-banner

Ryan Molenkamp

“Ryan Molenkamp’s work is instantly captivating, but not always immediately clear. His large-scale oil and graphite paintings beckon viewers to look closer. Is that a desert? Or a city? Are those buildings or boxcars? Is this a place that’s cracking … Continue reading


Greg Boudreau

Greg creates artwork with multi-layered spray stencils on frames constructed of salvaged wood. The images are based on photographs, collected in a variety of means, digitally adjusted and separated to layers. The layers are then printed as architecture blue print … Continue reading