About the artist:

sol·ace [ sóll ss ]
1. relief from emotional distress: comfort at
a time of sadness, grief, or disappointment
2. source of comfort: somebody or something
that provides comfort at a time of sadness,
grief, or disappointment

When necessary, I call myself an urban artist or street artist because my work is influenced by street culture. My pacific-northwest surroundings instill a respect for nature that is personified in my work. Via organic textures, vibrant colors, and a graphic painterly approach, I attempt to meld city life with the tranquility of uninhabited lands. Through a blend of mediums, aerosol propelled and acrylic, I concoct my background landscapes and finish them with my character design. I call these characters “wanders.” The wanders
are unique in perspective and rely on body language over facial expression to tell their
story. I am always looking to progress my style and increase my stable of characters while challenging conventional mediums. The mediums most utilized at this time are canvas,
large-scale mural production, custom vinyl toys, original plush toys, live painting, graphic design, and t-shirt design.

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