Jeremy Gregory

Recently, Jeremy Gregory has been busy creating “posable” puppets; really for him, but for now he is okay with sharing.  These hand-made little pieces of Jeremy are a refreshing approach to art appreciation.

A native to Tacoma, Jeremy was born an artist. Since graduating from the Art Institute inSeattle, his passion has only grown.  He has participated in the City’s Public Art: In Depth (PA:ID) program and continues to actively stay involved with city mural programs. In between studio time and volunteering, you can find him teaching graphic arts in downtown Tacoma School of the Arts (SOTA) high school.

His passion for art embraces a wide range of media.  Examples include public murals, stop-motion production, one-of-a-kind poseable puppets, illustrations, Weekly Volcano covers, a comic strip titled True Grit, skateboards, and CD covers.

Jeremy continues to grow, participate and stay involved with the art community.  You can find his art at various galleries, live, and private shows.


Jeremy Gregory's Website