Zachary Bohnenkamp

Zach is a primarily a printmaker and muralist, but also enjoys painting on canvas and illustration. His print work consists mainly of woodblock prints in a neo-Japanese/graffiti style. As a muralist, Zach strives to bring art out of the gallery and into the streets and to share its beauty with all the people of the communities where his pieces stand. He has painted dozens of murals since his first in 1999, the majority of which were created in Seattle as part of the Matamuros, a collective of muralists that he has helped to build since 2006. Zach brings a passion and a pursuit of perfection to every project he’s involved in.

When asked what he likes best about making murals he responded: “My favorite thing is to meet the people in the neighborhood while I work and to see the joy that art brings to their lives.”

Zachary Bohnenkamp's Website