Debbie Bianchi

My art conveys a sense of fun found in fairy tales, occasionally with a slightly dark and odd twist. Delightful birds dance across my canvases among fanciful blossoms, trees and landscapes. My main inspiration for these paintings is the amazing textiles that are everywhere, spring blossoms and the ubiquitous adorable tiny birds that are nesting. I find most birds endearing and I try to convey their sense of fun and wit. It all began with sewing clothes from vintage clothing and other textiles. There was such satisfaction of taking something obsolete and creating something new and fresh. This creative urge continues to progress into painting and many other forms of creative play. After I had my children, my paintings took on a more whimsical feel.

I work with acrylic, encaustic, oils and random bits of collage material. I also make my own stencils. Ideas for these stencils come from textile studies from around the world including medieval Persian and Indian designs. I love texture and depth. This craving to create a sensual textile experience has encouraged me to use many different layering techniques. When working with acrylics, I use different gel mediums for building depth.