Michelle Anderst

Anderst uses her illustrative style to form fictional but plausible unions of biological and man-made structures on canvas. She spent her childhood poring over her fathers’ anatomy books and has since developed an intense passion for botany, neurology, entomology, evolution and oil paints. In Anderst’s paintings, anatomy and botany are stitched together with saturated color through comparisons of similar natural forms. Many forms in nature are surprisingly similar to each other such as the vein patterns on a leaf to the vein structure of the spleen.

In a time of dramatic scientific discovery, Michelle’s particular artistic obsession is with evolution and the mechanical functions which organisms (including ourselves) exercise in order to survive in a constant environment of biological and technological change.

Michelle grew up in Southern Oregon and after studying painting at Southern Oregon Art Academy headed straight to Seattle to pursue a career in art. She has become an active member of the Puget Sound art community where she participates in artwalks, shows at galleries and curates art events. Her latest accomplishments include exhibiting at Aqua Art Miami in Florida and earning her certificate in Natural Science Illustration at the University of Washington.