Siolo Thompson

At first glance much of my work may seem intended for an audience of children and I do hope that  the very young can find value in what I do. But more than that, I want to reach the Forgotten children of our collective subconscious; those pieces of ourselves that were left behind when the press of the world forced us to move in more serious and linear ways.

My work un-ironically asks the viewer to remember that the world is full of magic. Words are loaded with meaning, numbers represent universes, animals carry metaphors, simple objects and gestures hold endless secrets. In these worlds of quiet meaning wecan find the thing that is most precious to us all — Hope…. for happiness, for freedom, for equality, for a return to our more sincere selves. —Siolo Thompson

Siolo Thompson is a self taught visual artist who lives and works in Seattle, WA. She uses multiple mediums and techniques in her work with a focus on draftsmanship and narrative development.  Ms. Thompson shows widely in a range of different galleries and her illustrative work often appears in print.

“King of a Poisoned World”
58″ x 58″, Oil on Wood

40″ x 30″, Oil on Wood

“The Reluctant King”
40″ x 30″, Oil on Wood
$3500 (SOLD)