Openings: Friday, May 11th 6–10pm and Saturday, May 12th 12–5pm
Showing through Friday, June 1st

Bherd Gallery represented artists CASH, John Osgood, Kellie Talbot and Siolo Thompson each create a small series of work or rather a “Vignette”. The four vignettes create a short story or sketch of subject matter that allows the viewer to peer into a brief storyline that each artist has created. For example, Thompson’s vignette of paintings depict children on the cusp of adulthood posed as kings or queens and asks us to consider the flawed kingdom that today’s youth stand to inherit.

by Siolo Thompson

"King of a Poisoned World" by Siolo Thompson

Siolo Thompson
“What Kingdom Is This?”
In her latest body of work, multi-media artist Siolo Thompson takes on the anxiety of our uncertain political, economic and environmental future and the impact our mistakes and the mistakes of those before us will have on the next generation. This collection of paintings features several large scale portraits that depict children on the cusp of adulthood posed as kings or queens and they ask us to consider the flawed kingdom that these young people stand to inherit. Through the lens of these paintings Ms. Thompson, examines the fact that we live in a time when our country teeters on the edge of economic disaster, warmongering politicians preach a gospel of intolerance and hate and our planet is poisoned and getting worse. There is no calm certainty in the future of these little kings, their future is as delicate and transient as their own youthful beauty.

"Round Right" by John Osgood

John Osgood
Osgood has been fascinated with the idea of masks and how they have been used across many cultures, not only as a symbolic item for storytelling, but also as a false emotion or shield to protect the underlying truth. He has often used masks in his portraitures, however, for this series, he will be exploring these ideas in a 3-D medium. He’s creating layered portions of wood to take advantage of the light and shadows that will further add dimensionality and playfulness to his pieces.

"Toucan" by CASH

“Confined Victorian”
CASH’s latest series of work is a collection of Audubon inspired works that is inspired by Victorian era taxidermy. He has incorporated the static feel of vignette photographs with the contemporary abstract backgrounds which he regularly employs in his art. He mainly uses light and muted tones, with brief hints of color to showcase the subject in each piece and melding the nostalgic feel with modern day elements.

"Go" by Kellie Talbot

Kellie Talbot
“Elegy & Hope”
Talbot’s work revolves around the landscape of American artifacts and craftsmanship. Signs and typography, architecture, cemeteries and other emblems of a society are the inspiration for her oil paintings. The rust and decay in her work aren’t negatives. They are both an elegy and a hope. They are like lines on a face earned with time and commitment. Having a background as a sign painter, she fell in love with the craftsmanship of typography. From that, grew a great appreciation of the craftsmanship of manufacturing and in turn, an admiration for the design and practices of society.