Inside Out

Presenting Seattle artists: Michelle Anderst, Joe Vollan and Chris Sheridan. Each artists work is themed around the inner workings of the mechanical, human anatomy and the soul.  Anderst explores the relationships between organic structure such as bones, veins & nerves to man-made structures such as circuitry and computer boards. She’s known for pairing “the insides” with old fashioned vintage wallpaper which creates an unusual feminine elegance to her compositions. Vollan uses his signature style of surreal and macabre scenes that are inhabited by skeletal animals and robots to evoke a sense of wonderment, relevant to the fantastic and bizarre worlds he creates. Sheridan’s work explores the essence of humanity and the soul. His work depicts scenes from myths and folklore that teach about morality, as well as delving into the insights of human nature. His strong illustrative background provides beautifully crafted imagery on oil and canvas.