You’re So Vain (you probably think this art is about you)

Seattle artists Kate Protage and Chris Sheridan team up to curate their 2nd show at Bherd Studios Gallery. “You’re So Vain” looks at more than 10 different artists’ interpretations of portraiture in the modern art world, and how their technical, stylistic and symbolic choices reflect the “truths” of their subjects.

Protage and Sheridan have chosen to display a wide range of styles and genres in “You’re So Vain,” with work ranging from urban contemporary to pop surrealism to classical, and everything in between. Artists address a variety of different thematic concepts behind modern portraiture—humor, vanity, morality, spirituality and social commentary to name a few—and reveal the fact that portraiture is not bound to a single, tightly defined space in contemporary art. It is everywhere, and can mean many things.