Urban Portraiture

A group exhibition featuring the art of Pacific NW artists Jose Rodriguez III, Tim Kapler, Mat Savage & David Hoang and UK artist Daniel Lumbini. Each artist experiments and plays with the human figure and urban landscape in their individual styles. Savage merges flora & fauna with the sultry female form creating an idealistic world of humanity in tune with Mother Nature. While Kapler’s work combines unusual figurative portraiture with found and neglected items, Rodriguez uses the urban landscape to illustrate the beauty of abandoned environments.

Hoang, through his artwork, perpetually explores his bi-cultural upbringing and ethnocentric influences—interweaving experience, understanding, and exploration. His drawings are a repository for other influential modes of storytelling such as literature, film, music, tv, text messages, etc. Lumbini’s work brings us back down to earth with his keen ability to bare our psychological flaws… and believes that “nothing says imperfection like people and their baggage”.