The art world is full of artists who are searching for technique, style or meaning—sometimes all of the above. It’s what artists do—what they are supposed to do. Watching that journey is fascinating. Some artists hit you over the head with the lessons they’ve learned, while others continually search for their voice without success. There’s a lot of meaning without technique, and technique without meaning. Some artists cater to the critics, and some cater to the masses. But on a good day, you’ll find an artist who appeals to both of those groups–someone who has a clear vision, the technique to pull it off and something intriguing to say.

This is what “Soapbox” is all about…those amazing people who use their art to speak their minds, and present the perfect marriage of function and form in ways that are both subtle and accessible.

Soapbox is curated by Seattle contemporary artist Kate Protage, whose work has been exhibited nationally.