Urban Decay

Urban graffiti artists from Italy, Quebec, and stretching from the East Coast to the West Coast give tribute to “Urban Decay”. Like a phoenix rising from it’s own ashes, these artists bring the beauty of street art that flourished from under the bosom of impoverished and industrial neighborhoods to Seattle. Urban contemporary artist line-up include: Patrick aka Avive, Canada; Paper Monster, DC; James Cospito, NY; KOLESZAR, AZ; Aaron Kraten, CA; Mr. Klevra, Italy; Omino71, Italy; Jeff Ross, Seattle; Gurldogg, Seattle; Michelle Smith-Lewis, Seattle; Tim Blackburn, Oregon; Tim Kapler, Tacoma; and Akimbo, Seattle.

Urban Decay is curated by graffiti stencil artist Urban Soule, from Seattle, whose work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Her work has been published in Stencil Nation and most recently had a piece featured in NW Palate Magazine. She is a regularly featured artist at Bherd Studios and this is her 2nd curatorial show at our gallery.

Urban Soule has brought in featured artists, Patrick aka Avive from Quebec, who has his own line of clothing and skateboards which are carried in all the hot urban wear boutiques across Quebec; Paper Monster from DC whose work has been featured in magazines around the world and the recently published book “Stencil Nation” and is currently a featured artist blogger for Juxtapoz magazine; Aaron Kraten from CA whose work has been published in Razor magazine, ISM Quarterly, Heckler magazine & Skratch magazine and displayed in galleries such as 1988 Gallery, ThinkSpace, LA Museum of Contemporary Art, Laguna Art Museum amongst many others.