Fresh Ink

Fresh Ink features 3 diverse, urban contemporary, Pacific NW artists creating & exploring the medium of ink: Darin Shuler, John Osgood & Bobbi Jo Epperson. “Shuler’s work is a tornado of bewitching, dream-world imagery that staggers a fairy tale line between gruesome and playful. Think Ren & Stimpy wreaking havoc on Seussville”. Osgood’s work is reminiscent of a drug-induced hallucination which he fits oddly into neat packaged squares. The more the viewer stares at his work, the more they are apt to see. Epperson’s “Seed” series is a representation of memories, stories, and experiences from her youth – a spontaneous collage, much like the memories themselves.
All three artists “fresh ink” feature whimsical dream-like characters with a playful spirit.