Kathy Liao

Artist Statement
My creativity is fueled by a sense of play and an excitement for the unique visual language of paint. Through direct observation, my work is developed through an exploration of of lines, shapes, and color through the visceral act of painting, scraping and collaging materials. Each painting is an autobiographical compilation – the surface is worked and reworked as the stories build and overlap each other.  I am strongly influenced by artists such as Charlyne von Heyl, Dana Schutz, and Matisse, whose works are deeply rooted in the tradition of painting but unafraid to break boundaries.

Duality is a theme that repeatedly makes its way into my work. Having spent my childhood in Taiwan, I am strongly influenced by my dual Chinese and Japanese heritage. Coming to America, I found my deeply held beliefs being constantly re-evaluated, challenged, and sometimes compromised. My work is a medium for me to revisit and gain new understanding from my immigration experience.

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