2nd Amendment: A Visual Dialogue

Art Opening: Friday, June 14 from 6 – 9:30pm
Showing through Wed, July 3

There are few issues In America as controversial as the Second Amendment. You may be a gun aficionado, a marksman, and anti-firearm activist, or simply a citizen who is not quite sure where they stand. Recent events have polarized Americans and our local community on an issue that has always had explosive undercurrents.

Join artists in a visual dialogue with the community that questions, examines, celebrates, criticizes, and queries the right to bear arms. This exhibit will include artists who are gun collectors and artists who are anti-firearm activists and those who hold opinions that range between the two extremes.

Featured artists include: Rodrigo Valenzuela, Greg Lundgren, Kate Protage, Adream de Valdivia, Frank Germano, Rick Klu, Tatiana Kalderash, Crystal Barbre, Stanley Porkoski, Sam Wood, Dan Voelker and Miguel Edwards. Guest curator: Siolo Thompson.