(Un/Re) Attached

Art Openings: Fri, May 10 from 6 – 9:30pm and Sat, May 11 from 12 – 5pm
Showing through Fri, June 7

Attached: joined together; an emotional closeness.
: apart or alone, single; lack of emotion.
: coming back together, mending.

Bherd Studios co-founder, John Osgood, and multimedia artist Miguel Edwards come together to present (Un/Re)Attached, an exhibition that explores the natural—and sometimes unnatural—actions of breaking, healing, losing and gaining that we perform every day. Through sculpture, paintings, photography and site-specific installation they consider the ways we tear ourselves apart and build ourselves back up in the cycle of reinvention and experimentation.

This is more than a two man show, but a true exploration of honest and inspired collaboration, as Osgood and Miguel exchange pieces back and forth between one another, thoroughly blurring the lines of painting, photography and installations.

Time Chaos and intuition have been co conspirators of Miguel Edward’s artistic endeavors as he explores primarily sculpture and photography while keeping his Un and Re attachments both in balance and in flux with side jaunts and explorations in LEDs, Glass and installations.

John Osgood’s paintings exaggerate the characteristics of their subjects, revealing their inner worlds in exuberant color and sinuous lines. For this exhibition he uses painting, sculpture and installation to explore the stresses and catharsis that arise from the constant gaining, losing and taking that we undergo.