Savannah Horrocks

“Drawing and painting have always been a constant in my life. Making pictures has been as vital to me as breathing as far back as I can remember. Sculpting was something that I did a great deal of as a child, but it didn’t enter my life with any frequency again until a couple of years ago, when I made my first successful art doll – a chihuahua named Taquito for my sister. I have always been very introverted – I didn’t connect easily, and from a young age, I turned inward, and dreamed up fantastic creatures and adventures to live out within myself. I never stopped. My truest art has always been about connecting these things inside me with the outside world – whether it be illustrating to create a window in, or using dolls, sculpture, and puppets to bring creatures and characters out.”

Savannah Horrocks was born and raised in Minnesota, moving to Washington with her husband in 2008. She has a degree in illustration from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and works full time as an independent artist.