By the Yard

Opening reception: Friday, September 14th from 6-10pm
Showing through Friday, October 5th

There is a fine line between art and retail in the gallery business and By The Yard pushes it right over the edge.  Eleven artists were challenged to create a piece of work that is 1 yard long by 1 foot high which will be sold by the inch. Visitors will be encouraged to use tape measures and rulers to divvy up their favorite parts of the artwork, daring both artist and art buyer to discover how they truly feel about the production of art for sale.

This experimental exhibit presents buyers with questions (and sharp objects): what makes a piece of art compelling—its subject, color, size, materials? What do we lose or gain when we can only see a portion of the whole? Is a specific section of a piece more precious, more mysterious when removed from its context, or does it lose its spark when it loses its frame? Is there a “more bang for the buck” mentality to purchasing art? Does a work become more precious as it disappears? Do we relate to a piece more when we are allowed to alter it to our own tastes? And can we really bring ourselves to cut up an original work like a birthday cake?

By the Yard’s artists also have choices to make: should the division of their work be a simple or difficult process for buyers? Kellie Talbot, known for her massive, photo-realistic paintings, presents a monochrome study of dimmed bulbs and their long shadows. Her repeating, sectioned imagery allows careful cutters to take home a mini version of the whole painting. Likewise, Troy Gua’s Colorbandz© series abstracts recognizable faces into horizontal bars of colors, and any vertical portions will keep his concept wholly intact. Others may not be so kind: Ryan Molenkamp’s geometric abstractions—often reminiscent of sprawling cities or patchworked hills—do not lend themselves to a natural parsing-out, and patrons might be hard pressed to select their perfect spot. Which works will exit the gallery in pieces, and which will stay mostly intact?

Carve out your favorite piece of Troy Gua, Ryan Molenkamp, Crystal Barbre, Kellie Talbot, Tessa Hulls, 12 Midnite, Zach Bohnenkamp, Greg Boudreau, Jenny Dayton, Dan Voelker and John Osgood.

Interview with Ryan Molenkamp