Power In Numbers

Presenting five Seattle printmakers who work in several different mediums including screen-printing, intaglio, linocut, mezzoprint, woodblock cutting, etching and drypoint.  Each artist brings a diverse style to this exhibit, from Chris Rollins graphic design poster art to Jennifer Bauers painfully detailed linocut pieces, Power in Numbers displays the true dedication of printmakers whose work is not fully understood by the rest of us.

Printmaking is an intellectual medium and printmakers are an intellectual sort, and needless to say intelligence is sometimes paired with a proportional degree of insanity. While the insanity may or may not lend some interest to the print, the question remains, was the artist insane before picking up printmaking, or was it the tedious and laborious process that made him/her that way? This question runs through my mind occasionally, when attempting to complete a print, and I can’t help but conclude that the rut of insanity is deepened every time I go down the printmaker’s road. —Jennifer Bauer

Pictured above: Eight Birds—One Stone by Joey Katzer